Gloves Are Off: Trump UNLOADS On Pelosi, Schumer Over Border Wall Funding In Heated Exchange

President Trump is not messing around with the security of this great nation. He is serious about funding for the border wall.

And he is not taking any lip from the Democrats on the issue. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

President Trump holds presser with Schumer and Pelosi on border wall funding. Transparency at its best!

If Schumer and Pelosi thought the meeting today to discuss the spending bill along with border wall funding was going to be ‘business as usual’, they certainly had another ‘think’ coming.

President Trump was in full command of the meeting, and his strength came from standing up for what the American people wanted with WE THE PEOPLE standing strong behind him.

At one point, Schumer interrupted and said the tired line, “elections have consequences” when Nancy brought up the House victory in the midterms.

President Trump said, “They sure do. And that’s why the economy is doing so well right now.” President Trump simply wants to come to an agreement to continue with the Trump agenda that the American people voted him in office to get done for us. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

President Trump will shut down the government if the Democrats do not take care of border security for the people. And he is keeping it transparent.

White House correspondent Saagar Enjeti, for the Daily Caller, tweeted the clip below when President Trump made the room go quiet when he announced what will happen if the Democrats do not do their part for the American people.

Enjeti tweeted, “TRUMP to SCHUMER: “I am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. People in this country don’t want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country.

The full clip is below and it is worth watching. Notice how Vice President Pence is simply watching the fireworks – all he needs is the popcorn. Also, notice how the Democrats asked for a later or private meeting, as if Nancy and Chuck know President Trump is correct but they do not want their constituents to see they are wrong.  (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH: President Trump BLASTS Schumer on the Government SHUT DOWN.

WATCH: President Trump tells Schumer elections do have consequences!