Nikki Haley Unveils The Secret Behind Her & Trump’s Foreign Policy Success: ‘It Was A Great Partnership’

Nikki Haley joined Sean Hannity for what could be her final interview while serving as United States Ambassador to the UN.

Haley is due to step down at the end of the year from the post, and she took a moment to reflect on what many consider is a highly successful tenure since being appointed by President Trump.

Hannity briefly summarized all of the accomplishments that have occurred under Haley’s watch, such as Jerusalem becoming the capitol of Israel, the US making peace with North Korea, and ISIS being dismantled. He complimented her and said America appears to be stronger than ever, to which she agreed.

Haley said, “America has found her voice back again. It’s a great time for America in the world. And for some countries that’s a good thing and for some countries it’s a bad thing. For Americans that’s a great thing.”

She said that when Trump’s Administration first took over, the world blamed America for many global issues and America wasn’t sticking up for itself. But times have since changed, and the world now knows where America stands on core issues. As Haley puts it, we will longer “abstain” to the pressures of the world.

Hannity pressed Haley on her relationship with President Trump as he sometimes gets the feeling it was a “good cop/bad cop” relationship. However, she disagreed. Video Below

Nikki said she has had a “great relationship” with the President, and that it was a “good partnership.” She that it was Trump’s unpredictability that gave her an advantage, which led to much of their success in foreign policy efforts. Haley said she would basically use Trump’s unpredictability as leverage when negotiating with other countries.

She then said in regards to President Trump, “His strong point really is communicating to leaders around the world. You get him in front of any world leader…he wins them, he completely wins them. And if any world leader threatens the United States, he puts the absolute fear of God into them.”

Finally, Haley declared America’s foreign policy was so effective and successful because of President firmly stood by what he said he would and wouldn’t do in given situations. She cited Trump’s handling of Assad’s chemical attacks in Syria as an example. Video Below

Nikki Haley Reflects On Her Tenure As US Ambassador To The UN