After Constant Attacks At First Lady, Melania’s Spokeswoman Puts Media Directly In The Hot Seat

[Image source: Fox News video screenshot].

Monday on Fox and Friends, spokeswoman for Melania Trump Stephanie Grisham, fought back against the offensive and unfair negative criticism of the First Lady.

The First Lady’s spokeswoman blasted the press and said reporters are ignoring the work she’s doing with children. (Video Below)

During her interview, Stephanie Grisham said on Monday, “These days, the consistent negative coverage that Mrs. Trump gets … it’s not fair, and I know I’m going to be attacked for saying it’s not fair, that I’m whining, but we’re defending ourselves.”

This comes after a CNN contributor, Kate Anderson Brower, wrote that Melania Trump “doesn’t understand what it means to be First Lady.” In turn, Grisham wrote a response to CNN that explained Brower launched another “unnecessary attack” against the First Lady.

Brower criticized Trump for telling Fox News that the hardest part about being first lady is dealing with the “opportunists who are using my name,” reported Washington Examiner.

(Video Below)

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman also pointed out that the press is ignoring the work Melania is doing to help children, and to promote her #BeBest initiative.

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“Another thing that really bothered me was, just hours before that op-ed posted, she was at a hospital here in D.C. visiting children and reading them a Christmas story,” Grisham said. (Video Below)

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Grisham also pointed out that the First Lady has organized state dinners and organizes a staff of nearly 300 people in the White House. She also held a recent event on opioid abuse, but the press would rather focus on other issues.

“She gave an off-the-cuff answer about some Christmas decor, and for two days, that’s what we talked about , Christmas decor. I think the media is really missing an opportunity to cover the great work she’s doing.” She added.

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(H/T Washington Examiner)