Trump Kicks Off Monday By Showing How Dems Are Failing Their 2018 Campaign Promise

President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning where he dropped off a series of tweets bypassing the mainstream media.

Trump knows how to get his message directly to the American people, and he is the master at trolling his haters.

President Trump kicked off Monday morning pointing out how Democrats are failing at their 2018 campaign promises.

As the partial government shutdown entered its fifth week, the Commander in Chief asked the American people how the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives was “working out” for the country.

He wrote, “Democrats campaigned on working within Washington and “getting things done!” How is that working out? #2020TAKEBACKTHEHOUSE”

President Trump’s comments come days after he offered a compromise immigration package to Democratic leadership, further he added that he was willing to expand DACA coverage to the nation’s ‘Dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion in border wall funding. (Continued Below)

President Trump also quoted Bill Bennett, who joined host Steve Hilton on Fox News Sunday night, where he praised Trump on keeping his promises.

“No President in modern times has kept more promises than Donald Trump!” Thank you Bill Bennett @SteveHiltonx” Trump wrote.

Trump continued and pointed out how well the job growth is booming and trolled Obama by tweeting, “Last year was the best year for American Manufacturing job growth since 1997, or 21 years. The previous administration said manufacturing will not come back to the U.S., “you would need a magic wand.” I guess I found the MAGIC WAND – and it is only getting better! (Continued Below)

Further, the President honored Dr. Martin Luther King.

He wrote, “Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for standing up for the self-evident truth Americans hold so dear, that no matter what the color of our skin or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by God.

Then, the President thanked the great people of our country who continue to work without pay and remain strong as Trump continues fighting for border security.

He said, “To all of the great people who are working so hard for your Country and not getting paid I say, THANK YOU – YOU ARE GREAT PATRIOTS! We must now work together, after decades of abuse, to finally fix the Humanitarian, Criminal & Drug Crisis at our Border. WE WILL WIN BIG!”

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President Trump’s Official Tweets:

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