Trump Announces ‘Fake News’ CNN & NBC Are Better Than Fox News On One Thing: ‘Never Thought I’d Say This’

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday night to call out reporters at Fox News for not understanding the Wall negotiations.

When the President sees something wrong, he’s not afraid to speak up and call it like he sees it. (Video Below)

President Trump blasted Chief White House correspondent, John Roberts, and Washington correspondent, Guillian Turner over their coverage of the border wall negotiations, claiming that they have “less understanding” than journalists at “fake news CNN & NBC.”

He wrote, “Never thought I’d say this but I think @johnrobertsFox and @GillianHTurner @FoxNews have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC! Look to final results! Don’t know how my poll numbers are so good, especially up 19% with Hispanics?

He added, “After all that I have done for the Military, our great Veterans, Judges (99), Justices (2), Tax & Regulation Cuts, the Economy, Energy, Trade & MUCH MORE, does anybody really think I won’t build the WALL? Done more in first two years than any President! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The Marist poll, published in partnership with PBS and NPR, found that 50 percent of Latino adults approve of Trump’s job as president, up from 31 percent in December. The survey also found that just 39 percent of adults approved of Trump’s job performance, reported The Hill. (Video Below)

Roberts filled in for Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

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The President’s comments come after he signed a continuing resolution to temporarily reopen the government following a 35-day shutdown, and Congress failed to reach an agreement or deal. (Video Below)

The conversation that was taking place on Fox News before the President tweeted between Roberts and the President’s acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney:

“So did the president here cave to Democrats?” Roberts asked Mulvaney. “I think a lot of Republicans think that he capitulated here because he really came away from 35 days of a government shutdown with nothing more than he could have had at least two weeks ago when Senator [Lindsey] Graham proposed the same thing, and maybe even back to before this whole thing started.” Reported the Daily Caller.

Further, President Trump accidentally tagged the wrong person in a tweet directed at Fox News’ Guillian Turner. The tweet, sent Sunday at 7:58 p.m., meant to tag Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts and the network’s Washington correspondent, Gillian Turner. Instead, one Jillian Turner was, at least for a few minutes, tweeted to 57.8 million of the president’s followers, per the Daily Caller.

Trump quickly corrected the tweet, but not before people noticed.

Whoops! The President makes typo’s too.

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Official Tweets:

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