Geraldo Slams Nancy Pelosi’s Reluctance To Negotiate: ‘This Is A Sorry Way To Run A Government’

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Geraldo Rivera joined “Fox and Friends” Friday morning where he weighed in on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejecting the border wall.

Pelosi held a press briefing on Thursday and took questions from the press, further, she dismissed any wall funding for what President Trump wants. (Video Below)

When asked directly about the funding for a wall Thursday, Nancy Pelosi became flustered with the question and said, “We’re not having a negotiation with that here. There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation.”

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Many came forward to express their disapproval of Pelosi’s remarks, and among one to speak out was Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo has previously said to give the money to President Trump to build the wall, and he doubled down on that statement Friday morning. (Video Below)

“I think not to give the President, just on principle, just digging your heels in and saying ‘you’re not getting a dime to replace, repair, or God forbid just to expand the over 600 miles of fencing and barrier and wall that already exists,’ is pure spite on Nancy Pelosi’s part.” Geraldo said.

He agreed that President Trump is right when he said Pelosi is not negotiating. “In other words, in a negotiation, you sit, you have a compromise. It’s painful, okay– I’ll give you 50 miles of wall if you give me the amnesty for the Dreamers and a ticket to citizenship. You make a negotiation. It’s difficult on both sides, because you have to give up something you don’t want to.” He explained.

“But it just seems to me she is dooming any potential negotiations from the get-go, making much more likely that in mid-February, the President will declare a national emergency, because he’s hell-bent on getting a barrier, getting a wall, getting some more of the division to our neighbors in the south in physical form.” Geraldo added. (Video Below)

Geraldo believes President Trump will declare a national energy because Pelosi will not negotiate, and he suggested that Trump use money from the department of defense or homeland security to start construction.

“I think in a way it is a face-saving for the President. He must get some new wall out of it, just as it is face-saving for Nancy Pelosi. She cannot allow a single foot of wall to be constructed. This is a sorry way to run a government!” Geraldo declared.

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