President Trump Gives Reporters His Current Viewpoint Of McCabe: ‘This Man Is A Complete Disaster’

President Trump, on Wednesday, blasted former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe while speaking to reporters alongside Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Trump called McCabe “a disaster” and “a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover.” (Video Below)

While taking questions from the press, President Trump was asked about Andrew McCabe and the “Gang of Eight.”

The Commander in Chief responded, “Well, I think Andrew McCabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days. He really looks to me like sort of a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover. I think it’s a disaster.”

“And what he was trying to do was terrible and he was caught. I’m very proud to say we caught him. So we’ll see what happens. But he’s a disgraced man. He was terminated not by me. He was terminated by others.” Trump continued.

President Trump added, “The IG report was a disaster, a disaster from his standpoint. Anybody reading the IG report would say, how could a man like this be involved with the FBI? And the FBI has some of the greatest people, some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. But this man is a complete disaster. Thank you all very much. Thank you.” (Video Below)

Andrew McCabe, who was fired on March 16, 2018, has made headlines with the media tour he’s done to promote his new book, “The Threat.” In an interview that aired over the weekend, McCabe claimed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was “absolutely serious” about wearing a wire during meetings with the President.

However, Fox News’ Chief Intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge uncovered several inconsistencies between McCabe’s CBS interview and the congressional testimony with former FBI lawyer James Baker.

Baker testified that he believed the wire and 25th amendment discussions amount to two separate initiatives. The wire was designed to gather evidence for a potential obstruction of justice against the President for firing FBI Director James Comey.” (Video Below)

Further, President Trump said on Twitter Wednesday morning quoting Lou Dobbs, “Andrew McCabe gave absolutely no evidence of any threat to substantiate his ABSURD claim.”

Then, referring to the “gang of eight, “Trump quoted Trey Gowdy and wrote, “If thinking that James Comey is not a good FBI Director is tantamount to being an agent of Russia, than just list all the people that are agents of Russia – Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Rod Rosenstein who wrote the memo to get rid of Comey, the Inspector General….”

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