Ronna McDaniel RIPS Both Schiff & McCabe After Their Sunday National TV Appearances

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GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is sick and tired of America’s liberal news organizations giving air time to those who are helping push false narratives against President Trump.

On Sunday, McDaniel took aim, specifically, at Adam Schiff and Andrew McCabe as both men appeared on national television and delivered their thoughts on the latest political subjects.

McDaniel first turned her attention to Schiff, while he made an appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press. Schiff was heard saying that it would be “a mistake” if Robert Mueller didn’t get President Trump to testify under oath.

McDaniel hit back at Schiff when she stated, “The collusion lie Democrat Adam Schiff has been pedaling has crumbled. The House and Senate Intel Committees have confirmed what we already knew – no Russia collusion.”

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She continued, “But Schiff’s so desperate for attention that he’s back on TV – yet again – falsely smearing @realDonaldTrump.” See Below

McDaniel then took a swing at McCabe as he made an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation. McCabe said he was “shocked” by Paul Manafort’s recent sentencing and thinks he should have received harsher punishment.

McDaniel fired back at McCabe and CBS for inviting him on their program, when she said, “Andrew McCabe is a disgrace. He leaked classified information and lied to investigators on 4 occasions, including 3 under oath.”

She added, “His bias against @realDonaldTrump couldn’t be more obvious.Why is anyone even letting him on TV anymore?” See Below

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