Greta Urges For Hillary Not To Be Investigated, James Woods Responds: ‘This Is America, Not Chicago’

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Former TV anchor Greta Van Susteren took a moment on Monday to openly condemn the New York Post over the headline to one of their articles that was titled “Time To Probe Hillary, Obama.”

The article was an opinion piece written in relation to the ending of Robert Mueller’s probe, as the author suggested it’s now the perfect time to investigate potential wrongdoings by Former President Barack Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Greta posted a picture of the NY Post headline and said, “I don’t agree w/ this headline…I think it is time to take a cue from Former Pres Ford and put all of these investigations (national nightmares) behind us regardless of what they might show…we need to look forward as a nation, fix problems..settling old scores does not do this.”

A fellow Twitter user questioned Greta’s post, stating that both Obama and Clinton need to be held accountable. They then asked her, “Who are you working for exactly?”

Greta replied, “I don’t think putting gasoline on a fire is smart. Regardless of what HRC did or did not do, she is out of politics and the nation needs to move forward not be stuck in the past. She added, “I worry more about the now and the future for my fellow Americans than the past.”

Conservative actor James Woods took note of what Greta said and immediately tried to knock some sense into her. See Below

Woods’ response came after several posts where is seen venting his disgust over Jussie Smollett’s charges being dropped, and calling out potential shady tactics within Chicago’s system of law.

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Woods said to Greta, “As an attorney you well know we have a concept in America called the rule of law. If you break the law, you are held accountable. It is not a whimsical process. We don’t choose to enforce the rule of law as a matter of taste or opinion. After all, this is America, not Chicago…” See Below

Greta’s Initial Tweet Of The NY Post Headline That Set Her Off

James Woods’ Response To Greta

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In ending, here are some more related tweets from Woods where vents about both Obama and Smollett: