Cohen Offers Dems More Info On Trump In Exchange For No Jail, Meadows & Jordan Fire Back: ‘He’ll Say Or Do Anything’

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President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is begging House Democrats to help keep him out of prison.

As Axios reported, Michael Cohen’s legal team has released a 12-page memo they provided Thursday to House Democrats, outlining evidence of what they describe as “Trump’s involvement in a conspiracy to collude with Russian government intervention in his favor during the 2016 presidential campaign” and “other felony crimes committed by Trump before and after he became president.”

In a statement on Thursday evening in response to letters sent by members of the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees, Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis indicated that Cohen “has recently obtained a hard drive with 14 million files from his computers and phones over the past 10 years,” spurring additional investigations.

Davis claimed the new findings could provide “significant value to the various congressional oversight and investigation committees.”

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The letter was sent to a veritable who’s-who of Trump opponents, including Reps. Adam Schiff of California, Jerry Nadler of New York, Maxine Waters of California and Elijah Cummings of Maryland, all Democrats, per Fox News. (Continued Below)

In a statement, Lanny Davis said, “Michael Cohen’s recent public and closed-door testimony to Congressional committees has triggered additional areas for investigation by law enforcement authorities and the Congress. In fact, Mr. Cohen has recently obtained a hard drive with 14 million files from his computers and phones over the past 10 years, which we believe has significant value to the various congressional oversight and investigation committees.”

“Yet Michael Cohen is the only person in the Trump organization who has been prosecuted. The actions against Mr. Cohen appears to be selective prosecution and the sentence imposed is a disproportionate one. For him to surrender in 30 days would be a detriment to committees search for truth, as well as a miscarriage of justice.” Davis added.

Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) took note of Cohen’s latest motive in which he basically lied to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the congressional committees, if he suddenly “found” new information. (Continued Below)

Meadows took to Twitter and wrote, “This latest Michael Cohen request should end any debate about his motive. “Keep me out of jail so I can give you NEW info… that I kept from Mueller, the SDNY, and 4 congressional committees.” This guy wants to get out of prison. And he’ll say or do anything to make it happen.”

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Jordan weighed in and said, “Dems’ first big hearing—Michael Cohen—who’s going to prison for lying to Congress. When he testifies, he lies again, but Dems don’t do anything about it. NOW he asks the Dems to keep him out of prison so he can tell more lies!”

He added, “We asked Adam Schiff to see Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of his committee. No answer! But Schiff wants the AG to release the entire Mueller report, including classified info. Double standard again!” (Continued Below)

Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan’s official tweets:

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