Bongino On The Left’s Reaction To Trump’s Sanctuary City Idea: ‘The Worse Case Of Nimbyism I Have Ever Seen’

Dan Bongino joined Judge Jeanine Pirro and gave his take on President Trump’s latest illegal immigration proposal.

Trump has been tossing around the idea of sending ‘illegals’ to sanctuary cities if Democrats remain unwilling to change immigration laws.

Democrat mayors of sanctuary cities along with Democrat leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, have ironically fired back at the President’s idea. This all comes despite their earlier claims of how great communities are as a result of accepting undocumented immigrants within them.

In his interview, Bongino pointed out the giant hypocrisy of the left that is being exposed from Trump’s latest move.

He said all Trump is doing is using their words and it’s ironic that people like the Oakland mayor are attacking the President.

Bongino stated, “Remember the Oakland mayor? ‘I’m gonna warn illegals from raids. They’re so valuable to our community. He’s just using their own words.” Video Below

“This may be, Judge, the worse case of Nimbyism I have ever seen. You know…Not In My Back Yard…I have never seen a worse case,” he continued. “They’ve told us illegal immigrants add economic value, they make communities safer. So what’s the problem?! Everyone should be applauding this!”

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He concluded, “I’d love the Liberals to tell me what’s cruel about this policy.” Video Below