Pres Trump Blasts ‘Crazy Mueller Report’: ‘Fabricated & Totally Untrue, Illegally Started Hoax’

President Trump took to Twitter Friday where he shot back at allegations in the Mueller report and argued that some of what was said about him in the report was untrue.

While the media is drumming up their conspiracies, along with radical Democratic lawmakers, who are trying to figure out their next move against the President, Trump is not backing down and prepared to turn the tables.

The Mueller report released to the public on Thursday, detailed the conclusions previewed several weeks earlier in Attorney General William Barr’s summary: Mueller found no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in an attempt to influence the election.

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Trump wrote on Twitter Friday, “Statements are made about me by certain people in the Crazy Mueller Report, in itself written by 18 Angry Democrat Trump Haters, which are fabricated & totally untrue.”

He then added a warning, suggesting it was suspect that notes from certain meetings had appeared as needed: “Watch out for people that take so-called ‘notes,’ when the notes never existed until needed.” (Continued Below)

President Trump continued, calling some of the statements about him “total bullsh*t,” made just to make him look bad.

“Because I never agreed to testify, it was not necessary for me to respond to statements made in the ‘Report’ about me, some of which are total bullshit & only given to make the other person look good (or me to look bad),” he wrote.

The Commander in Chief concluded by calling the investigation in its entirety an “Illegally Started Hoax that never should have happened,” appearing to fall back on his recent refrain: “This should never happen again to any president.” (Continued Below)


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