Former Trump Lawyer Contradicts Claim That Trump Wanted To Fire Mueller: The President Had ‘The Opposite’ Message

Former Trump lawyer, John Dowd, sat down for a brief interview on Fox & Friends and responded to the allegation that Trump asked former White House Counsel Will McGahn to “go out and fire” Special Counsel Mueller, as stated in the Mueller Report.

Dowd, who served as Trump’s lawyer during the time of the report’s allegation, was astonished by such a claim and gave a completely different account.

He said he met on a weekly basis with either Mueller or the Special Counsel’s Assistant James Quarles, and briefed the President daily on the investigation.

Dowd said at no time did the President ever say that he should get rid of Mueller or anything close to it. In fact, he said, “It was just the opposite.” He then quoted Trump’s message for Mueller.

According to Dowd, Trump said, “One, you tell him I respect what he’s doing. Number two, you tell him he’s got my full cooperation. Number three, get it done as quickly as possible. And number four, whatever else you need just let me know.”

Dowd also said that he talked to Mueller about the President using the word “Witch Hunt” to describe the Russia probe and that Mueller told him, “Oh, it’s political, he has to do that for political reasons.” Video Below

Dowd said Mueller’s primary concern was that witnesses didn’t get scared off from cooperating. This is why early on, the President publicly encouraged everyone to cooperate.

As far as McGahn is concerned, Dowd said he thinks it was a “misunderstanding” and that Trump wanted Mueller vetted, not fired, due to conflicts of interest and because of how quickly he was appointed. Dowd believes Trump tapped McGahn to see that Rod Rosenstein would do just that.

Then when asked what grade he would give the Mueller Report, Dowd gave it “an F.” He declares, “It’s so poorly done, there are things missing. There are parts of it just not right. And I would say, they had a junior writer from the New York Times do it.” Video Below

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