Sanders Issues A Saturday Smackdown: ‘All The Liberal Lies Can’t Change Trump Presidency Has Been A Success’

White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, issued a Saturday smackdown blasting liberals who keep peddling delusions about President Trump after his continued success.

The press secretary took to Twitter where she laid out a few of Democrats’ lies.

It is not clear what prompted Sanders’ tweet, but the press secretary has repeatedly pushed back against the attacks and smears toward President Trump.

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In a Saturday tweet, Sanders wrote, “Liberals said President Trump would lose-he won; said he colluded with Russia-he didn’t; said he’d ruin our economy-it’s booming; said he’d weaken America-our military has never been stronger.”

She added, “All the liberal lies can’t change the fact that the Trump presidency has been a success”. (Continued Below)

Earlier in the week, the press secretary expressed that, “Democrats got beat in 2016 and they got beat because they had a bad candidate and we had a great candidate. Our candidate had a better message, a better vision and outworked his opponent.”

“They’ve been losing every day since, and they are constantly looking for excuses. They still haven’t found a message, their only option is to attack this President.” She said.

Sanders noted that Democrats have the option to work with the President to solve some big problems, and so far, President Trump has done it on his own. (Continued Below)

“Hopefully they’ll see that what they’re doing and continuing to attack the President is not a winning message. They should know that by now because they keep losing, and President Trump keeps winning!” She declared.

“Hopefully, they see that change their ways and start to work with us, instead of against us. Frankly, the country deserves better. The country deserves better than what the Democrats are offering.” Sanders added.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee’s official tweet:

(Continued Below)

We leave you with a tweet from Oversite Committee Republicans who posted a video about Democrats obsession with President Trump.

It’s time to move on and solve problems for the American people.

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