Mark Meadows Swipes Back At James Comey For Attacking AG Barr: ‘The Truth Will Soon Come Out’

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Congressman Mark Meadows took some time on Sunday to respond to James Comey’s recent attack on Attorney General William Barr.

In an earlier tweet, Comey accused Barr of “sliming his own department” and being President Trump’s “spokesperson.” He also challenged the Attorney General to present “bad facts” if he has any and “act like the leader of the Department of Justice.”

Comey’s remarks likely came in response to Barr’s interview with Bill Hemmer, where he voiced his motivation to get to the bottom of the origins of the Russia probe and surveilling of Trump’s campaign.

Barr also discussed his concern that intel officials may have put their thumbs on the scale to sway the election, and that he now has more questions than answers after reviewing all information (lack thereof) on the matter upon taking office.

And now, Comey appears to be feeling the heat as he is likely a central figure being investigated by Bill Durham, who was appointed by Barr to look into Russia probe origins.

Rep. Meadows unleashed a response to Comey’s attack on Barr with a straight-to-the-point tweet.

Meadows said, “James Comey—who used his position to peddle the collusion conspiracy theory for nearly two years—seems set on attacking the Attorney General investigating his conduct.”

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He added, “The truth will soon come out. And rhetoric like this will come face to face with the facts.” See Below

Meadows Responds To James Comey

In ending, here is video of Judge Jeanine’s recent opening where she targets Comey.