Levin Squashes The Idea That Obama Didn’t Know About Trump Probe Details: It’s ‘A Lie’

While appearing on Fox & Friends, Mark Levin discusses the media’s extreme bias in favor of the Democrat party and how Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, will likely get a free pass when it comes to his role in the intel probe on President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Levin also squashed the idea that former President Obama didn’t know anything about the questionable tactics used to in the Trump/Russia probe, which ultimately led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In regards to Biden and Obama, Levin said, “They are not gonna get tough questions from the media.”

“It’s the Praetorian Guard media. They are protecting the Democrat party because they are of the same ideology,” Levin continued. “They have the same purpose, which is to push the progressive agenda. That’s the bottom line.”

He then claimed Democrats and the media are still vert upset that Trump won the 2016 election because they were convinced that there would be another four years of an Obama-like agenda that would’ve come with a Hillary Presidency.

Levin said, “Barack Obama hasn’t been questioned about any of this (spygate). It all occurred under his watch. The whole idea he didn’t know anything, I know is a lie.”

To back it up, he stated, “When I came on this show, what was it, 26 months ago? It was in the newspaper…Obama reads the newspaper. Does he not know what his government’s doing? Does he not know what took place in his government?”

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Levin went on to mention how Obama and his White House staff has been able to “hang back,” while Trump, who he said is the victim, has had his staff hauled in front of prosecutors. “Obama’s staff has never been brought in front of prosecutors,” Levin concluded. Video Below