Female Patriot Drops The Mic On Rep. Amash Over His Impeachment Stance: ‘Why Did You Talk Nothing About The FISA Abuses?’

Republican Congressman Justin Amash was put on the spot at his first town hall since calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

Once given the opporunity to ask a question, a female in the audience completely shredded Amash’s reasoning behind his impeachment stance and blasted him for never condemning alleged FISA abuse used on the President and his campaign.

The un-identified female said, “You came up with discussions of firings that never happened, rumors of recusal reversals that never happened–nobody reversed their recusal–and then, made baseless claims about obstruction of justice.”

“You have to prove Trump knew that he was guilty of a crime and knowingly tried to obstruct justice based on that,” she continued. “You don’t have that. You don’t have proof of corrupt intent.”

She went on to slam Amash for pushing impeachment all for “grand standing” purposes and to gain “political capital.” However, she warned Amash that by not supporting the “MAGA-agenda,” it will eventually take a toll on him as a Republican, which she claims already happened to him in the last election.

Finally, the female patriot pressed Amash on why he has never spoken put against FISA abuse. Video Below

She said, “Why did you never talk about the FISA abuses? If you care about the Constitution so much, why didn’t you say anything about the year-long violation of the Fourth Amendment right for Trump and his entire transition team?”

“Every phone call, every email, every personal conversation for a year, was spied upon and recorded,” she added. As Amash began laughing, she called him out, “You’re laughing about a yearlong spying on entire team of people!”

“And you’ve called AG Barr a liar without any proof,” she concluded. Video Below