Pastor Jeffress Exhibits Why Trump Has Sent The Left Into A ‘Panic’: ‘He Reversed’ Their Crusade

While appearing on Lou Dobbs, Pastor Robert Jeffress gave some insight on the ongoing ideological battle between the left and President Tump.

Jeffress said, “For the last 70 years, the left has been on a crusade to turn America into a Godless secular nation.”

“And with the help of liberal judges, they were succeeding in that,” he continued. “Removing prayer and Bible reading from the schools, tearing down crosses from war memorials and trying Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.”

In the meantime, according to Jeffress, President Trump has come along and completely reversed the left’s crusade within two and a half years, which has sent the them into a “panic.”

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Jeffress said, “So, they’re going after President Trump with everything they have. We’re not going to allow them to take him down.” He added, “We’re standing with this President because he’s right about the most important issues of life.” And that’s why, Jeffress said, millions will praying for President Trump this Sunday. Video Below