Schiff Calls Barr The ‘Second Most Dangerous Man’, Graham Responds: ‘When Adam Schiff Speaks, You Shouldn’t Listen’

While appearing at the Council of Foreign Relations, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), suggested that Attorney General William Barr is acting like the President’s defense attorney and is the “second most dangerous man in the country.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), responded to Schiff’s claim during an interview with host Shannon Bream on Fox News Tuesday evening.

Schiff’s comments came as he pressed the intelligence community to provide more information about Barr’s declassification efforts surrounding the Russia investigation. Trump granted Barr that authority in order to help the attorney general in his efforts to better understand the Russia probe’s origins — a move that Schiff said would endanger national security, reported Fox News.

Schiff also argued that the President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, wasn’t as threatening as the Attorney General. “[Barr is] much more dangerous, and I think he’s the second most dangerous man in the country for that reason,” Schiff said.

Sen. Graham replied, “When Adam Schiff speaks, you shouldn’t listen.”

“He’s the guy that saw Russia behind every tree,” Graham continued. “Russia did interfere in our election, but Trump didn’t collude with the Russians. But, [Schiff] told us that [Trump] did. Mueller said, ‘No, he didn’t.'” (Continued Below)

Graham went on to say that Adam Schiff is the Chairman of the “Oliver Stone caucus.”

“The Democrats in the House have lost their mind when it comes to Trump. The Mueller report is done, it’s over, no collusion between Trump and the Russians. But Adam Schiff will not stop until he destroys this Presidency,” he said.

Graham warned there is going to be a “backlash” to that kind of thinking. (Continued Below)

“Bill Barr is one of the finest men I’ve ever known, who was an Attorney General on Bush 41’s watch. He has some of the best credentials anybody to ever hold the job. He’s a good man,” Graham said praising the Attorney General.

Then he noted, “[Barr] is not the problem. This insane desire to destroy everything Trump is hurting the country. So, I just disagree with Adam Schiff that Bill Barr is dangerous. What’s dangerous is to accuse the President of a crime that he didn’t commit.”

Senator Graham’s response to Rep. Schiff starts at 3:30:

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