Rep. Nunes Discloses The ‘Biggest Leak In U.S. History’: ‘Biggest Leak Of All Leaks Was General Flynn’

Ranking member of the House Intelligence Community, Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA), and investigative reporter, Sara A. Carter, joined host Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday where they weighed in on former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s involvement in the FBI’s investigation of General Michael Flynn.

This comes as General Michael Flynn has made a move to fire his legal team and could be on the verge of pulling his guilty plea in wake of his sentencing that came as a result of what Hannity calls, “a perjury trap” that was laid by Comey, McCabe, and Mueller.

During the segment Thursday, Hannity played a clip from December of 2018, where it shows Comey bragged about setting General Flynn up, and he said that he sent FBI agents to the White House. Comey also admitted that he normally wouldn’t have done so or gotten away with it with previous administrations.

You can view it here: Hannity RIPS Comey & Co. For Setting Up Flynn & Ruining His Reputation: ‘What A Jackass’)

Knowing that Trump’s Administration was not yet fully organized to know how to handle FBI agents wanting to question Flynn, Comey said he thought at the time, “It’s early enough. Let’s just send a couple guys over.”

Rep. Nunes responded, calling Comey and McCabe “dirty cops” and accusing them of abusing their positions within the government. “What I would say, Sean, in the future when you look up the words ‘dirty cop,’ if you have a fair and free internet, you will see the pictures of Comey and McCabe,” he said. (Continued Below)

“These guys make Hoover look like a saint,” he continued, adding that he was outraged by the clip Hannity played that he had never seen before.

“It is absolutely despicable that the head of the FBI would think it’s funny and cute to send over these FBI agents to go and interview the national security adviser,” Nunes said. “Then they walk out and say we don’t think this guy is lying but you double down.”

Then Nunes declared, “The biggest leak of all the leaks was the leak of General Flynn– the incoming national security advisor for the President of the United States talking to the Russian ambassador. It is an absolute crime. They have 9 individuals who supposedly told the mainstream news media… nothing was ever done to get to the bottom of that. [It is] the biggest leak in U.S. history, by far!” [Emphasized]. (Continued Below)

Sara Carter agreed with Nunes when he said that it’s a crime that Flynn’s name was leaked to The Washington Post in January 2017. “What’s important here is that there were 9 individuals that were apparently senior government officials and I would start with James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok– who actually conducted the interview with Michael Flynn,” she said.

Then, she revealed, “This is a highly, highly classified piece of information and when that information went into The Washington Post, the Russians knew exactly what ‘phones’ our intelligence community was monitoring of then-ambassador Kislyak.

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Before ending the segment, Nunes added, “The dirty cops were so busy looking at everything but themselves, don’t forget, they also leaked transcripts of the President talking to the Australian Prime Minister and the Mexican President. (Video Below) 


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