Sen. Hirono Says ‘Trump Continues To Obstruct’, Rep. Collins Responds: [Dems] Are ‘So Blinded By Rage’

Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Doug Collins (R-GA), weighed in Friday on Fox News over Democrats moving to hold Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn in contempt.

He further responded to comments made by Sen. Mazi Hirono and the upcoming Inspector General report.

Rep. Collins explained that Democrats have become “chaotic” in Washington, D.C. at their passion to “get” President Trump.

Asked if it is smart for Democrats to avoid “contempt” and use the court system of a way to compel Barr and Don McGahn to testify before Congress, Rep. Collins responded, “What they are doing is simply sidestepping the process and not wanting it to be as transparent.”

“The interesting thing is they don’t want the American people to know what they’re doing because most people do not want to see an impeachment, they don’t want to see this continue on,” he continued. “They’ve accepted the report, and we move forward. But they don’t want to do that, they’re wanting to hide from the American people about that.”

Next, he responded to comments made by Sen. Mazi Hirono who suggested that President Trump continues to obstruct. “There comes a time when we need to do the appropriate and right thing. And I think this is that right time because even now, the President is continuing to try to obstruct whatever the House is doing to shed light on what happened during the 2016 elections, and thereafter. [Trump’s] obstructive activities are continuing apace,” Hirono claimed. (Continued Below)

Collins replied, “I wish the Democrats would quit accusing this President of crimes and not doing so in a hypothetical. They’re actually saying he’s committed crimes. Those are things you can’t say on the House floor, those are things, I know from a Senate perspective as well.”

“But that’s what they want to put into the American people’s mind. They want the American people to continue to hear coming off that the President did something that he didn’t do. They don’t care if they’re right, they don’t care if they have the facts on their side. In fact, they don’t have the facts on their side. They’re just so blinded by rage at what’s going on with this administration, that they’re willing to make false accusations,” Collins said.

He added. “And that’s where the American people– the breakdown and the honesty with Congress has got to get better. Because this is a body that needs to get better… and not just this continual attack on the President.” (Continued Below)

Asked if Democrats should be afraid of the Inspector General’s report that is soon to be released, Collins said, “If I was out there as much as they are trying to accuse the President and making these grand statements… remember this was the same bunch that said as soon as Mueller comes in ‘we’ll have impeachment because Mueller’s gonna find everything’. The report didn’t find what they wanted, so now they’re having to switch gears.”

“I think they need to be scared, but I think the ones that need to be scared is the corrupt cabal of [Peter] Strzok, [Lisa] Page, [James] Comey, [James] Baker, and those… and they’re out there trying to rehabilitate themselves because I don’t think they want [to be looked] into what they did,” he added.

Asked what he thinks will come of Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation, Collins said, “[Democrats] favorite hobby [attacking Trump] is gonna be a lot harder to do. I think they’re going to come back and people are going to see why did we get here to start with. The Democrats have gotten way over their skis and promising their base, their rabid base, who doesn’t like the President, that we’re gonna do these things.”

“At the same time, they’d much rather focus on this, because they have no legislative agenda. We’ve seen five and half months of absolutely nothing but pandering to the left base. So now, they’re having that as a problem, and also having the problem of their whole house of cards on what the President did coming apart as well,” Collins concluded. (Video Below) 


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