Don Jr. RIPS The Media For Trashing Trump’s Speech & His Supporters: ‘It’s Truly Sickening’

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. slammed the media for the way they covered Trump’s Orlando rally earlier in the week.

Jesse Watters played clips of statements made by various pundits who ridiculed the President and even went as far as poking fun at his supporters.

One of the pundits featured in the clips by Watters was heard making fun of Trump supporters for wearing flip flops to the rally, while Morning Joe compared Trump to Elvis in the 70’s during the downfall of his career.

Don Jr. said the media is basically using the same playbook that they used back in the 2016 election, where they tried to frame up Trump supporters as being “deplorables” and “stupid.” And that strategy didn’t work out so well for them.

“The level of disdain and hate the media has for these hardworking Americans who voted for Trump because they want better for themselves and for their families and for their children and now they’re getting it. We can’t forget that,” Don Jr. said.

Video Below

He added, “It’s truly sickening to watch this stuff happen. These are good people. Guess what guys? They get it. They see it. They’re a helluva lot smarter, quite frankly, they’re a helluva lot smarter than a lot of these people in the media who have five friends that feel the same way.”

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He declared, “They don’t get it and they never will. And they’ll never understand those Americans and their plate.” Video Below