DOJ Rejects Andrew McCabe’s Appeal To Avoid Charges, GOP Responds: ‘He Deserves To Be Charged, Convicted & Jailed’

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District of Columbia U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu has recommended moving forward with charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as the Justice Department rejects a last-ditch appeal from the former top FBI official, as reported by Sara A. Carter.

Fox News first reported that McCabe’s legal team said they received an email from the Department of Justice which said, “The Department rejected your appeal of the United States Attorney’s Office’s decision in this matter. Any further inquiries should be directed to the United States Attorney’s Office.”

Chief intelligence reporter for Fox News, Catherine Herridge, reported on Thursday that last year Department of Justice watchdog, Michael Horowitz, filed a report in which he found four instances that Andrew McCabe mislead federal investigators about his role in a media leak that confirmed the existence of a Clinton Foundation.

“[The DOJ] also found Andrew McCabe had violated the FBI’s media policy because he authorized the leak of this information, not in the public interest, but for his own personal gain,” Herridge explained. “And what we had in the last few weeks is a direct appeal from Andrew McCabe’s attorney to the Deputy Attorney General, [Jeffrey] Rosen here in Washington, to avoid federal charges.”

“So we had a finding by the Inspector General and referral for criminal prosecution,” she continued. “McCabe’s legal team argued at the highest levels of the Justice Department to avoid that and they have now been notified that their appeal has been rejected,” she said.

Herridge noted that an indictment has not been handed up by a grand jury yet or filed with the court at this time, however, she explained that the “next step” if, in fact, McCabe will be indicted, he will receive what is called a “target letter,” which would tell him he is the “focus of a criminal prosecution.” (Continued Below)

As reported by Sara A Carter, the charges will be based on DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s April, 2018 report which stated on the allegations related to McCabe, “lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions in connection with describing his role in connection with a disclosure to the [Wall Street Journal]” in violation of FBI policy. Further, it stated that McCabe’s “disclosure of the existence of an ongoing investigation in the manner described in this report violated the FBI’s and the Department’s media policy and constituted misconduct.”

McCabe has denied any wrongdoing and said the inspector general’s conclusions relied on mischaracterizations and omissions, including of information favorable to McCabe.

Should the federal prosecutors indict McCabe, he would be the first senior law enforcement official involved in the origins of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. (Video Below)

Catherine Herridge reports:

After McCabe’s hiring by CNN, President Trump called it “disgraceful.”

Following the news of Andrew McCabe, GOP responded swiftly:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said, “Looks like we might be getting accountability for the Comey Cabal.”

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Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) tweeted, “Andrew McCabe was fired for good reason, violated his oath, weaponized his DOJ position & broke the law. McCabe should be indicted & tried. If convicted, he should be imprisoned. It’s time.”

Donald Trump Jr. responded to Zeldin, “CNN political commentator Andrew McCabe”.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) responded, “Andrew McCabe repeatedly lied under oath and attempted a coup against @realDonaldTrump. He deserves to be charged, convicted, and jailed. #DrainingTheSwamp”.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said, “Wow. Reports that a U.S. Attorney has formally recommended pursuing CRIMINAL CHARGES against former Deputy FBI Director and CNN analyst Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators. Hopefully this is merely the beginning of long overdue accountability. Justice will be done.”

DOJ recommends prosecution of Andrew McCabe — I wrote about McCabe & Bill Barr & predicted this in my best seller #RadicalsResistanceRevenge

Lou Dobbs exclaimed, “Justice begins! US attorney recommends proceeding with charges against McCabe, as DOJ rejects last-ditch appeal.”

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George Papadopoulos wrote, “I called it. McCabe is going down. They all flipped on him to save face for the imminent FISA declassification report that is going to destroy the reputations of a lot of people.”

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, weighed in: “Looks like Andrew McCabe will be prosecuted for lies and leaks.”

Dinesh D’Souza asked, “Andrew McCabe in handcuffs. I’m excited at the prospect. Equal justice under the law, baby. Who’s next?”

Jack Posobiec fixed CNN’s headline:

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