Cohen Accuses Rep. Collins Of Auditioning So Trump ‘Nominates Him For Senator’ Of Georgia

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Democrat Congressman and House Judiciary Committee member Steve Cohen was not impressed with the way a couple of his Republican colleagues behaved during Thursday’s hearing involving the committee’s ongoing impeachment investigation.

While appearing on MSNBC, Cohen targeted two Congressmen in particular, which are Doug Collins and Matt Gaetz, as he claimed they were both just “auditioning” for future roles and only trying to impress the President with their remarks.

Cohen also went as far as saying Rep. Collins is hoping President Trump “nominates him for Senator” of Georgia.

During their five-minute remarks, Rep. Collins likened Chairman Jerry Nadler’s impeachment efforts to a “giant Instagram filter,” while Gaetz accused Democrats of “dressing up” impeachment, which he called “Low-T Impeachment” or “Low-Energy Impeachment”.

In regards to Republicans at Thursday’s hearing, Cohen told MSNBC, “Their first line of attack was saying, ‘This is nothing. This is not an impeachment, this is not an impeachment inquiry. It’s not an impeachment investigation.'”

He brought up how Republicans argued that what was happening at Thursday’s hearing was “too important” to be held at committee level and should be addressed with the entire House of Representatives. Video Below

“Their show today was Doug Collins auditioning for getting President Trump to nominate him to be United States Senator of Georgia,” Cohen declared. “It was an audition by Doug Collins, which he has been doing for months and months and months.”

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“And then Matt Gaetz auditioning for whatever prize he could ever get,” he added. Video Below


The only problem with what Cohen is suggesting is that it is not the
President’s job to nominate Senators.

Presidents nominate and appoint members of their administration, judges, Supreme Court justices and heads of major government agencies and other important government officials with the consent of the Senate.

It’s up to the people to nominate who they want to serve as Senator of their state through the election process.

So where ever Cohen got the idea that Trump is nominating Collins as Senator of Georgia is beyond our knowledge, as we have not been able to verify that information. Continued Below

In ending, here is a tweet from Cohen where he furthered his claim of “auditions.”