Scalise Faces Congress & Discloses Five Ways The ‘Scheme’ To Impeach Trump Is ‘Rotten To The Core’

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) stepped up to the podium and ripped apart Democrats’ effort to impeach President Trump during a recent speech on Capitol Hill.

In a section of his speech that he uploaded to Twitter, Rep. Scalise disclosed how Democrats’ “impeachment inquiry” is really a “scheme.”

Scalise then pointed out, in the caption of his tweet, five ways Democrats’ inquiry is “rotten to the core,” which are as follows: It’s “all done in secret”, it’s led by “proven-liar” Adam Schiff, there was “no authorization from the House”, it’s “full of misleading leaks” from Dems and “members of Congress are denied access”.

“With all due respect, this process is rotten to the core,” Scalise said in the video of his speech. “You can talk about process. You can talk about facts and the facts point out that this process is shrouded in secrecy.”

“You literally have a chairman (Adam Schiff) who is running around for two years during the Mueller investigation, who said he had ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ that there was collusion between the President and Russia,” Scalise said. “And then the Mueller report came out and there were no charges, there was no collusion.”

He then mentioned that Adam Schiff never showed his “secret evidence” and if he did have it, “then he should have showed it to the American people, but he didn’t because there was no evidence.” Video Below

Scalise went on to say that instead of moving on, Schiff has only opened up “another Witch Hunt” and “fishing expedition” against President Trump “in secret.”

“And so, you talk about fairness. Why is it that voting members of Congress are being denied access to the room?” Scalise questioned.

“The press doesn’t have access to these hearings that you call fair. You call ’em fair,” he continued. “There wasn’t even a vote in this House to start an impeachment inquiry!” Video Below