Scalise: The 31 Dems In Trump Districts “Are The Ones That Pelosi Really Made Walk The Plank”

Scalise, PelosiFox Video Screen Shots

Now that impeachment is finally out of the hands of the House, Congressman Steve Scalise thinks blowback is underway for 31 Democrats who belong in districts President Trump won in 2016.

Scalise made his assessment while appearing on Saturday’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine.

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“I tell you, you’ve seen it even in the polling where people — swing voters are furious with this (impeachment),” Scalise said.

“And they’re asking, especially all of those Democrats that ran two years ago saying they were gonna be different. They were gonna work with everybody, they were gonna work across the aisle, vote against Pelosi — and every one of them is a puppet for Pelosi,” he asserted.

Scalise continued, “And they’re being asked in their swing districts, ‘What have you been doing and why haven’t you been focusing on things that matter to me like lowering prescription drugs, like working with the other party to build infrastructure, secure the border? None of those things are happening because of this obsession Pelosi has had with impeachment.” Video Below

Mr. Scalise then pointed out how House Democrats lost Congressman Jeff Van Drew when he switched from Democrat to Republican because of impeachment.

“His reaction when he went back home was incredibly positive — people thanking him for working, basically working for them and trying to work with this President to get things done,” Scalise said in regards to Rep. Van Drew.

Going back to the 31 Democrats in Trump districts, Scalise declared, “Those are the ones that Pelosi really made walk the plank because a lot of those Democrats didn’t want to do impeachment at all.” Video Below