Senator Hirono Tells Wolf Blitzer ‘There’s A Tremendous Fear’ Trump Will Get Re-elected

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On Saturday, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said there is a “tremendous fear” President Trump will get re-elected despite a mounting effort by Democrats to remove him from office.

Hirono made the remarks while speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the status of the Senate impeachment trial.

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“Assuming [President Trump’s] exonerated, he’s not convicted. If he’s acquitted, he’ll have until November to November 20th of next year, but he might get re-elected,” Blitzer told Sen. Hirono.

“There’s that too,” Hirono replied. “And there’s a tremendous fear.”

She continued, “And that’s why whatever evidence that comes out, whatever factual information that — that that shows that this is a president who only cares about himself.” Video Below