Joe Biden Claims Trump’s Impeachment Is Not Partisan “Even If It’s A Party Line Vote”

[Image source: ABC News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Friday on “Good Morning America,” former Vice President Joe Biden reacted to the ongoing Senate impeachment trial and claimed in this interview that the impeachment trial is not “partisan”.

“It’s not a partisan impeachment. He violated the constitution, period,” Biden told anchor George Stephanopolous.

Stephanopolous interjected to point out: “Only Democrats voted for it in the House and one independent.”

“That doesn’t mean the facts–the underlining facts George, whether the Constitution has been violated,” Biden continued. “That’s the issue– was the Constitution violated?”

“Even if it’s a party-line vote?” Stephanopolous asked Biden.

“Even if it’s a party-line vote, it just goes– reflects on those who know, in fact, in their heart and their head that, in fact, it’s a violation of the Constitution to do what he did and in fact, vote no. That’s a party-line vote but it doesn’t make it right.  And a party-line vote that is based upon something that doesn’t relate to a Constitutional violation is a different thing,” Biden responded. (Video Below)

Joe Biden’s official comments:

Joe Biden’s full remarks:

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