James Woods Exposes Why He Believes Mitt Romney Is A ‘Hidden Virus’ Within The Republican Party

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On Friday, James Woods exposed why he believes Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is nothing more than a “hidden virus” embedded within the Republican Party.

The notion laid out by Woods came in response to an article that broke down Romney’s highly contemplated decision to vote to subpoena records of a consultant of Blue Star Strategies, which was contracted by Burisma Holdings — a Ukrainian gas company connected to the Bidens that is being investigated by the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

The move by Romney came after he intially signaled that he may not side with the seven other GOP committee members, as he voiced concern that the Burisma probe may appear to be politically motivated.

However, after discussing matters privately with Senator Ron Johnson, Romney decided he will vote in line with his Republican colleagues next week.

As reported by Fox News:

“Republicans only have an 8-6 majority on the committee, so Romney was critical because a 7-7 tie would result in the vote failing. The Utah senator was already in hot water with President Trump’s base for being the only Republican to vote in favor of impeaching the president for seeking an investigation by Ukraine into the Bidens that could muddy up the 2020 presidential election.” Video Below

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In his reaction to Romney’s decision, James Woods repeated a point made by Fox in their report and tweeted: “Here is why #MittRomney is a catastrophe: ‘Republicans only have an 8-6 majority on the Homeland Security Committee, so Romney is critical, because a 7-7 tie would result in the vote failing.'”

“This man is worse than Schumer, because he’s a HIDDEN virus,” he declared. See Below

James Woods Exposes Mitt Romney

In ending, here is a video posted by Citizens United depicting why Romney can’t ever be trusted: