Devin Nunes: “We Will Be Making Criminal Referrals In The Coming Weeks Against The Mueller Team”

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While appearing on Sunday’s airing of Witch Hunt, Congressman Devin Nunes revealed that his team will be making “criminal referrals” against former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team “in the coming weeks.”

Nunes dropped the news while weighing in on several aspects of Mueller’s investigation that he claims was “fraudulently conducted.”

At the beginning of the special counsel’s investigation, Nunes said documents now prove that Mueller knew the FBI and DOJ had “nothing” showing a conspiracy between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

“All of the documentation that has now come forward, it’s clear they didn’t have anything,” Nunes told Gregg Jarrett. “They didn’t have anything from Flynn to all seventeen agencies that gave all of their information up — they had zero, zippo, nothing. So, what the hell was Mueller doing?”

“Then if you look at it, they didn’t even properly open up the special counsel,” he continued. “You have to move…all the way to August of 2017 — a clear two or three months after this investigation is fraudulently being conducted. And then they write an opening — a scope memo — what Mueller is supposed to be looking at. And guess what it is? In August of ’17, it’s none other than the Fusion GPS, Clinton-campaign dirt. The whole investigation is based on that dirt that has been debunked multiple times at every level by everyone. And Rosenstein is still using it.”

“This is where our investigation currently is. We’re looking into everything that happened with Mueller,” Nunes said. “…We weren’t allowed to see the scoping memo. Somebody has to answer to that.” Video Below

“Why didn’t we get that information?” Nunes asked. “We know why. Because they would have gotten blown out of the water because it’s at that point that we discovered that the Clinton campaign had paid for this dirt that Rod Rosenstein, the FBI, all of the dirty cops — they were all using this dirt to investigate the Trump campaign.”

Nunes then disclosed that his team has “expanded” their investigation into “the Mueller team and everything that happened with Mueller and the people at DOJ and FBI that were above Mueller,” and that “criminal referrals” are coming soon.

“We will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team,” Nunes said. “We’re just now putting that together and, of course…as always, waiting for more documents that we really need to come out.” Video Below


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