Chris Wallace To Biden Advisor: Why Did It Take Biden Two Months To Approve Trump’s Travel Restrictions?

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On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace grilled the Biden campaign’s senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan over why it took so long for Joe Biden to approve of President Trump’s travel restrictions on China that went into effect in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of praising Trump after the travel restrictions were announced on January 31, Biden told a crowd of his supporters, “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of…hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science.”

Wallace rolled a clip of Biden making the remarks on the 31st and questioned why it took so long for the former Vice President to shift his rhetoric in favor of Trump’s travel restrictions.

“Your campaign didn’t say that Biden approved of the travel restrictions until April. Why did it take him so long?” Wallace asked Mr. Sullivan. “And, would you agree that the President, moving so much faster — January 31st ‐‐ to impose travel restrictions, while Biden didn’t formally come out in support of the travel restrictions on China until April 3rd, that Trump’s actions saved thousands of lives?”

Sullivan argued that the virus was already in the United States before Trump imposed the travel ban, before Wallace cut in and said, “I’m asking a specific question. Why did it take two months to approve the travel restrictions?”

Again, Sullivan danced around Wallace’s question and claimed Biden showed indirect approval of travel restrictions in a speech on March 12, when he said travel restrictions could slow the virus, but not stop the virus. Video Below