Bennett To Acosta At CPAC: “Why Are You Obsessed With [Trump]? You Don’t Ever Stop Thinking About Him, Do You?”

[Image source: Jim Acosta and Kaitlin Bennett at CPAC 2021-- Twitter video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

American gun rights activist, and conservative social media personality, Kaitlin Bennett, confronted CNN’s chief domestic affairs correspondent Abilio James Acosta, who goes by Jim, at CPAC on Friday over whether he disavows the violence from Antifa and BLM.

“Will you disavow and denounce Antifa?” Bennett inquired.

Jim Acosta told Kaitlin Bennett in response, “I already talked to you.”

“Well I’m asking– you’re just so handsome, I can’t get away from you, Jim,” Bennett replied, seemingly sarcastic.

“Will you denounce Antifa by name? The violence, denounce their violence– BLM and Antifa?” she pressed.

“I denounce all violence, of course,” Acosta said, without precisely naming BLM or Antifa. Continued Below

Bennett went on to ask the CNN correspondent, “Specifically, you like to talk about Trump supporters and their violence, why don’t you talk about the Democrat violence?”

Acosta deflected and told Bennett, “But ma’am, I’ve already spoken to you. I’m sorry.”

“Do you guys know where they put the golden Trump [statue]? Acosta then asked, which prompted Bennett to wonder: “Why are you obsessed with [Trump]? You don’t ever stop thinking about him, do you?” Video Below

Kaitlin Bennett’s exchange with Jim Acosta:

Jim Acosta was referring to a patriotic, golden Trump statue seen at CPAC on Friday:

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