WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Teaches Joe Biden How To Put A Pen In His Pocket

Gorka, BidenNewsmax Video Screenshots

While filling in for Greg Kelly on Friday, Sebastian Gorka sarcastically showed his viewers on Newsmax how to place a pen in the pocket of his sport coat.

Gorka was mocking Joe Biden — who struggled to put a pen away during a signing ceremony in his first week in office.

“Here he is trying to take a pen — it’s not a difficult task — and put it into his jacket pocket. There, I just did it,” Gorka said after putting a pen in his pocket while looking at the camera. “I’m looking at you. I didn’t look at my jacket and there it was. I put the pen in my pocket. Here is Joe Biden trying to do the same thing.”

Take A Look:

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Here’s another angle:

In ending, we leave you with Gorka’s full segment from Friday: