Moments Ago, Trump Drew A Stringent Line In The Sand That Left Oakland’s Mayor GASPING

Image Source: Left-screen grab; Right- KTVU TV. Edited & Calibrated by USA 4 Trump

Thursday morning, President Trump held a cabinet meeting at the White House.

He touched on a number of subjects from gun safety, policies, tax cuts, trade and more. (VIDEO BELOW)

The President also discussed DOJ Jeff Sessions in California where he recently took measures to sanctuary cities in California on Wednesday, announcing a federal lawsuit against the state, and slammed its elected officials as “radical extremists” in the state’s capital city.

Sessions unloaded on California Democrats who push a “radical, open borders agenda,” as his Justice Department sued the state over its immigration policies, warning that there “will be no secession.”

Sessions spoke at an event for California law enforcement, the day after the Justice Department announced it was filing a lawsuit against the “sanctuary city” state- over three pieces of legislation that it said interferes with federal immigration policy.

While speaking, the AG tore into Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who tipped off the public to an immigration raid in the San Francisco Bay Area last week, a move he said led to as many 800 illegal immigrants evading capture and put both residents and law enforcement at risk. (VIDEO BELOW)

How dare you!” he said, addressing Schaaf. “How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda.”

In defending the lawsuit, he accused California lawmakers of passing laws that are not only unconstitutional, but also a “plain violation of federal statute and common sense.”

“Importantly, these laws are harmful to Californians, and they’re especially harmful to our law enforcement,” Sessions declared. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the meeting Thursday, President Trump also slammed the Oakland Mayor saying, “What the mayor of Oakland did the other day was a disgrace!”

Watch President Trump below:

President Trump is correct. What the Mayor of Oakland did is shameful and puts Californians in harm. If you agree with President Trump and the DOJ, scroll down and drop a comment below. 

21 Comments on "Moments Ago, Trump Drew A Stringent Line In The Sand That Left Oakland’s Mayor GASPING"

  1. Way to go President Trump.we are right behind u.may God bless your every effort of Good for our Country America!!!

  2. May God bless you Donald Trump it’s time to take the ones that are trying to change are federal laws are block are federal laws out and punish them with jail time

  3. Linda Lovdahl | March 8, 2018 at 3:03 pm |

    It’s worse than a ‘ Discrase President Trump. It’s against the law and these Liberal sickos need to be imprisoned for it. We the American people are sick & tired of seeing nothing done with these idiots & letting them get away with whatever they want to do.

  4. Those politicians in California need to be prosecuted.

  5. Mary-Francis | March 8, 2018 at 3:23 pm |

    I totally support the lawsuit filed by Sessions against California.
    I totally support President Trump’s suggestion that there is actually legislation that will refuse a request for any and all FEDERAL MONIES going to ANY city, town or State that refuses to abide by the USA’s Federal Immigration laws and processes.

    Allowing illegal aliens to vote is a slap in the face of all legal Citizens.
    When these radical towns, city & States aid & abet criminals (illegal aliens) they become criminals via becoming accompanist.
    All should be arrested and charged.

  6. The arrest her. Is the Trump administration also all talk and no action and is Jess Sessions part of the deep state?

  7. Go get them President Trump,the American People are behind you God Bless America and God Bless our President.Amen

  8. Thank you from San Diego. I’ve been thinking it would eventually happen, just didn’t know when. Now after setting these jerks straight, and I’m including Moonbeam, go after Hillary And Lench. Then tell the USA all about Obama”s involvement.

  9. Bout time to drop the hammer on the Communist Demrat party of California. Start arresting these treasonous pos liberals!

  10. Stephanie Payne | March 8, 2018 at 5:57 pm |


  11. Trump is right.And I hope Sessions goes full throttle on California for having open borders and not allowing the police and the Feds to do there job.The democrats in California are pushing jobs and residents out of that state.I feel for the residents in california for having to put up with idiots that are paid to work for them.Its all about the hate they have for our POTUS.

  12. Sharon Hughes | March 8, 2018 at 7:17 pm |

    Arrest all the corrupt politicians in CA. Thank goodness! We need you Feds. I live in N. CA and hate what they’ve done to us.

  13. I support our president and everything he stands for! May God continue to bless and protect our country and our president and his family! ❤ AMERICA FIRST!

  14. Reeser Ferguson | March 8, 2018 at 11:44 pm |

    I support what President Trump is doing! In this case, I would have lock this mayor and governor Brown up months ago!

  15. They bought broke the law they do not belong in this country lock them up lock her up for harboring fugitives

  16. C Stuczynski | March 9, 2018 at 8:22 am |

    Thank God for you! Someone needs to take control of this state because it’s an embarrassment to the entire nation. The individuals in office acctually refer to them as American – no they are illegals, not citizens. What is so difficult to understand about that? And OMG we have these nutcases like Pelosi that is either on some major drugs or alcohol but most likely she has some form of dementia – she can’t finish a sentence and completely changes topics in the middle of a conversation. No one should be allowed to vote on what is best for the people in this country when they don’t have a clue as to what is going on any longe and yet she still holds the most important position of the senate?? This state needs a major overhaul of our politicians – plain and simple and yet the liberals in this state won’t take their collective heads out of the sand long enough to realize that change is needed – stop being a die hard Democrat and things will change. Regardless of what the press and networks are saying I think that people are finally catching on to the fact that we have a Predident who is living up to his campaign promises, loves this country and tries to actually relate to the people that he is trying to make better lives for. I truly hope that CA gets what’s coming to it and I hope and pray that you get elected for an additional four years because it’s amazing what you have accomplished in just a little over a year!!!!

  17. Pray that our leaders comply with the continuity of the Constitution to its citizens FIRST AND FOREMOST: But they who will not do spite against the continuity afore states, whereby contracted to its citizens protecting them from illegal in people’s philosophy from any circumvent causing breach

  18. Put this mayor in a jail cell with all of her MS-13 friends. She will regret what she did in about 2 minutes.

  19. Prosecute that mayor to the full extent of the law with Maximum penalties. Make her an example.

  20. Matthew McLain | March 9, 2018 at 4:47 pm |

    Any city or state official who knowingly puts criminals who do not have documentation back on the streets and knowingly is breaking federal laws should be considered an enemy of the state. They should be subpoenaed and brought to justice. You can not pick and choose the laws you want to follow, or you are a criminal yourself.

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