Brennan Calls On The Public To Vote To Ensure Trump’s ‘Landslide Defeat’, Instantly Gets Blasted

Brennan, TrumpHarvard University Video Screen Shot, AFP Video Screen Shot

On Friday, former CIA Director John Brennan continued his neverending onslaught of President Trump, who he said is “thoroughly, irredeemably, & dangerously broken.”

Brennan suggested that right now the U.S. is facing “the most serious domestic challenge in over 150 years.” And he called on the public to help ensure that Trump suffers a “landslide defeat.”

“@realDonaldTrump is thoroughly, irredeemably, & dangerously broken. Like other unprincipled despots, he will use any tactic to retain power,” Brennan tweeted. “This is our most serious domestic challenge in over 150 years.”

“Be on the right side of history,” he added. “Ensure his landslide defeat & vote.”

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Following his not-so-kind words directed against the President, Brennan immediately got blasted from the Twitterverse.

Here are some of the most highly-engaged responses: