Trump Triggers A Reaction From Schiff After Saying He Has A ‘Perfect Watermelon Head’: “Come On, Donald”

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. PBS Newshour video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

During a “Make America Great Again” rally in Pensacola, Florida on Friday evening, President Donald Trump triggered a reaction from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) after saying the congressman has a “perfect watermelon head”.

“How ’bout this? Schiffty-Schiff, a perfect watermelon head. He looks just like a watermelon,” the Commander in Chief said, mocking the House Intelligence Chairman after he claimed that Hunter Biden’s recovered “laptop from hell” could be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

“He goes, ‘And I believe that the laptop was conceived and dedicated by Russia’. Russia again? No it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “DNI came out and said, ‘Not Russia'”.

Rep. Adam Schiff responded on Twitter Friday to the president by listing names that Trump has coined for the California congressman in the past, and suggested the Commander in Chief “pick one and stick with it”.

“Liddle, pencil neck, leakin’ monster of no control, sick puppy, sleazy, Shifty, and now… watermelon head?” he wondered.

“Doesn’t Trump know the cardinal rule of childish nicknames— pick one and stick with it? Come on, Donald. You’re a terrible President but you’re supposed to be good at this,” he said. Continued Below

Rep. Adam Schiff’s official tweet:

We leave you with Herbie Hancock, who re-recorded “Watermelon Man” for Head Hunters in 1973:

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