‘Totally Lost’: Biden Appears Confused Over Where To Enter The White House Upon Returning From Delaware

[Image: 78-year-old career politician Joe Biden-- The Hill Twitter video screenshot.]

78-year-old career politician Joe Biden returned to the White House on Tuesday after reportedly arriving back from a trip to Wilmington, Delaware.

In video surfaced on social media, Biden is seen outside of the White House walking next to what appeared as secret service agents– who seemingly directed the 78-year-old which way to enter the White House.

As seen in the surfaced video posted by The Hill on Twitter, a secret service member signaled to Biden the direction to follow, appearing to point to the right of the pathway to enter the White House.

Biden, however, appeared to not follow the direction in which the secret service member pointed to, and instead, kept walking straight, seemingly lost and confused.

The career politician walked around bushes, past the walkway, rather than following the alleged directions from the secret service agent outside of the entrance to the White House.

Biden ultimately found his way after walking around the bushes. Video Below

Biden appears confused on his walk back to the White House:

Following Biden’s alleged mishap, some users on Twitter reacted. We leave you with a few highly engaged responses:

Dan Scavino, former White House deputy chief of staff for communications and director of social media under the Trump administration, tweeted: “Went the wrong way…totally lost…”

One user noted though:

Other users on Twitter believe Biden was lost:

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